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Last Update: Sept 24, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions


What do the blue and yellow tabs in search results mean?

The tabs will feature, based on your search criteria :
Businesses” Business listings provided by YellowPages.caTM online directory.
Useful information (opening hours, driving directions, accepted methods of payment, etc) as well as editorial content on the businesses and locations selected.
Local events of all varieties including music, theatre, sports, comedy and any other kind of artistic presentation.
Schedules of movie listings in various cinemas as well as the film’s description and related details.
 Our special guides and features that will inform you on a variety of topics.


A mistake on the site?


Under the yellow “Businesses” tab:

A mistake in the name, address or phone number of a listing:

Businesses are usually registered on the online directory YellowPages.caTM (and other sites belonging to the Yellow Pages Group) when they get a commercial telephone line. To modify your listing, we invite you to contact your telephone company.

A mistake in the category or description in a listing:

Please contact the Yellow Pages Group customer service.  



Elsewhere on the site:


 Please send us an email at the following address:


How to register a business on ?


Under the yellow “Businesses” tab


These listings come from the Yellowpages.caTM online directory. These businesses are usually registered here (and on other sites belonging to the Yellow Pages Group) when they get a commercial telephone line.


If you have a commercial telephone line and you’re not listed on the Yellowpages.caTM online directory, we invite you to contact your telephone company in order to inform them of this problem.



Under the blue “Profiles” tab


These business profiles contain editorial content and are chosen at the discretion of the editorial team. Therefore, we invite you to send us any pertinent information on your business (text and image) at the following email address: We will gladly evaluate your request.


How to register an event on ?

Please send us the details of the event (the title, date, location, description and photos) by email at the following address: The choice of the events featured on the site is made at the discretion of the editorial team, who will evaluate its relevance.

How to find the contact information of a business or person?

To find the contact information for a business, consult the Yellowpages.caTM online directory that allows you to search by phone number, address or proximity.
To find a person, use the Find a person tool of the YellowPages.caTM online directory.

Questions on our contests and special guides?




Please note that wallpapers are usually published on the first of each month. Statutory holidays can lead to a short delay.





One entry per person per day is permitted for each contest on the entire network. If you haven’t already participated in a contest for any given day, deleting temporary files and cookies in your Web browser can fix the problem.


The Winners’ list is updated at the end of every month, once all the winners have accepted their prizes.



Request for a restaurant, event… recommendation

Due to the large number of requests, we cannot respond to each of them individually. We strongly recommend that you use the tools to find what you’re looking for.
Or, you can consult the YellowPages.caTM online directory.
  • To find the contact information of a business, we invite you to consult the YellowPages.caTM online directory, which allows you to search by phone number, address or proximity.

The newsletter

To subscribe, please fill in the newsletter subscription form.
To unsubscribe, please follow the instructions to unsubscribe from our newsletter.
If your email address has changed, please inform us by emailing:
If the images in the newsletter are not displayed, we recommend that you click on “Allow” in your inbox or “display the images”. This should allow the newsletter to be properly displayed.

How to become a freelancer

Please send us your curriculum vitae by email at the following address: Only selected candidates will be contacted.

Request for partnership or advertising

If your business is interested in creating a partnership with visibility exchange, we invite you to send your contact information by email to the following address: We will contact you shortly if the request is deemed to be relevant.
For all promotional or paid advertising requests on our site, we will send your contact information to one of the media analysts of the Yellow Pages Group. You can also consult the Advertiser Centre for more information. Please contact our partner, BV Media, for banners ads.



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